Bob’s Burgers: Apple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory) is spooky fun

If there is one thing Bob’s Burgers gets right, it’s holiday episodes and no one can deny a good Halloween episode with the Belchers included.

While many people talk about The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes, the Belchers put their own spin on the classic Halloween episodes. Obviously, there is no denying the impact The Simpsons has had on Halloween episodes.

Even so, the Belchers somehow hit it out of the park every year. No matter what you’re looking for, there is probably a Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode out there for you.

However, we’re talking about Season 13’s offering and that’s “Apple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory.)” If you haven’t watched it yet, then there will be spoilers from this point on.

Here’s what happened on Bob’s Burgers episode, “Apple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory.)”

The episode begins with Louise and her friends going to an apple orchard for a Halloween field trip but Louise wants to be back at school for the costume contest. Meanwhile, at school, Gene and Tina are dressed up as the ⅔ of Twister but the costumes are falling apart so Linda decides to come down and fix them repeatedly.

During the field trip, Louise and Jessica try to sneak away to have some fun yet things start getting strange when Louise spots something out of the corner of her eye and Jessica ends up becoming popular. Louise tries to sneak off again but gets stopped and decides to try and become popular to show Jessica how easy it is. Upon achieving that, she ends up becoming the hero of the harvest.

Before Louise can be crowned, Jessica convinces her to go to the hayloft while the rest of the class is learning a harvest dance. They’re going to jump a final time but find a scary poster and are convinced Louise is going to be sacrificed. It all comes to a head when Louise comes back to find the group with some scary costumes on and she runs off.

Bob convinces her to go back but before they do, Louise spots a pile of ashes and they end up getting lost. Eventually, Bob finally finds the bee hive he’s been looking for but the rest of the group finds them and explains the paintings were there for a Halloween hayride. The episode ends with Louise showing up to complete their group costume and the kids agreeing to wear the costumes for Halloween despite not winning anything at school.

“Apple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory)” is equal parts funny and spooky.

As far as Halloween episodes go, “Apple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory)” is an interesting one. The recent Bob’s Burgers Halloween episodes have really gone in when it comes to scares. However, the two plotlines in this episode really helped to balance things out.

With Gene and Tina at school in costume, it was equal parts funny and sad to see the two struggle with their costumes. From the fact that no one got them to Linda having to come to fix them over and over again, it was a nice respite from the other storyline.

Louise is a solid enough character to carry an entire plotline herself and this year’s Halloween episode proved that. It was nice to see Louise acting more her age and focusing on things you’d think most 4th graders would have on their minds which are doing things they’re not supposed to and trying to be popular. Personally, I don’t think it was all that memorable for a Halloween episode yet it was a good fall-themed episode.

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