Will Evil Dead Rise be on HBO Max or in theaters?

The fifth and latest installment of The Evil Dead franchise will see Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin at the helm of the horror spectacle.

The upcoming 2023 horror flick is sure to be a delight for fans of the franchise. According to Comicbook, the newest entry will see Beth (Lily Sullivan) pay a visit to her older sister Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), who is raising three children in a small L.A. apartment. However, the sisters discover a mysterious book located deep inside of the apartment, which unleashes a plethora of evil demons for the sisters to confront.

Admittedly, it sounds exactly like the other Evil Dead movies though it’s still another exciting horror venture. The only downside is that Sam Raimi won’t be able to vent his charming Grand Guignol theatrics onto another chapter of the horror series.

The saga began when director Sam Raimi came out with the film The Evil Dead in 1981 which starred Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, and Richard DeManincor.

Will Evil Dead Rise stream on HBO Max?

While sources previously reported that the film was originally intended for a release on HBO Max, it will, in fact, be released into theaters on April 21, 2023 for fans to get the pants scared clean off of them.

It seems that Warner Brothers is starting to rely more on theatrical releases rather than placing movies straight to HBO Max for the maximum profit output. This decision comes after the storm that was COVID-19 is seemingly starting to wind down and more people are returning to the movie theaters with a fervor and passion for the screen like nothing ever seen before.

There has been no announcement made of when the film will be streaming on HBO Max after it arrives in theaters. To be fair, it is a ways away and the studio may not even know yet. It’s not coming out for another five months and a lot can happen during that time.

What are your thoughts on the next Evil Dead movie? Are you excited to see it in theaters?