Paper Girls season 2: What could’ve happened in season 2?

Paper Girls -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Paper Girls -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Paper Girls is a hit science fiction series that saw its end a little more than a month after being released on Amazon Prime Video. Based off the popular comic book series created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Cliff Chiang, The show seemed to have enough popularity to warrant Paper Girls season 2.

The sci-fi series has seen high critic (91%) and audience (89%) scores on Rotten Tomatoes, while also drawing 4.6 (out of 5) stars on Prime Video. Paper Girls also saw high praise from sites like Variety and AV Club – “…at its best in the quieter moments of human connection,” said Caroline Framke; and “…a kicky blend of action, heart, and quirky humor,” shared by Jenna Scherer.

Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, Sofia Rosinsky, and Fina Strazza play the four teenagers who deliver papers in 1988, but get caught in a time traveling war where they get flung into the year 2019. Not only does the TV show follow the main plot in the original comic book, the actresses truly resemble the authentic feelings associated with those beloved characters.

Paper Girls — Courtesy of Prime Video
Paper Girls — Courtesy of Prime Video /

What would Paper Girls season 2 look like?

Paper Girls season 1 had characters Tiffany, Erin, Mac and KJ chased and aided by various time travelers, while also discovering their adult selves and all of the mixed feelings associated with seeing how one’s life turned out (or didn’t). The season highlights advanced and old-fashioned technology, prehistoric creatures and duplicitous encounters with almost everyone the heroes encounter.

In the season 1 finale, Prioress, played by Adina Porter, attempts to help the accidental time travelers escape after hunting them throughout most of the series. Fans watch as Mac and KJ get locked into a travel pod before Tiffany and Erin can join them. As the doors shut, with each one putting a hand to the glass, the reality of their separation hits hard – especially once the pod drops from view and fans wonder how they will ever find each other again.

Paper Girls season 2 could dive into this divide. Tiffany and Erin are displaced into a field on the edge of a drive-in movie theater. As “Golden Years” by David Bowie is played in the background, the scene showcases the new adventure these two will have to face, while viewers equally wonder, “Where is Mac and KJ?”

As fans do not see where Mac and KJ end up after leaving in a time travel pod, perhaps the comic book series could come into play and define their landing point. Paper Girls season 2 could find Mac and KJ back into prehistoric times with wondrous creatures, which would also generate an origin story for the main villain Grand Father, played by Jason Mantzoukas.

In a world where the paper girls find themselves fighting against those from the future, it’s an ironic twist to know they have to discover the far past to realize what lies ahead. Traveling back thousands of years would create an entirely new environment to navigate for Mac and KJ, while presenting an opportunity for viewers to see something visually stunning with a beautiful landscape untouched by (most) technology.

Paper Girls. Image courtesy Anjali Pinto/Prime Video
Paper Girls. Image courtesy Anjali Pinto/Prime Video /

Should Paper Girls season 2 happen, and why is the answer yes?!

Brian K. Vaughan established at a signing, “This isn’t a love letter to the 80s – it’s a death threat.” Paper Girls is a series that defies expectations from 1988. Viewers (and previous readers) see the main cast of four females dominate their experiences in a time of high-octane action flicks, while also diving into expectations and self-discoveries that might’ve been opposed during those years – and even in today’s world.

Whether these four dealt with their experiences with vulgar language, a field hockey stick or simply asked questions to understand situations or themselves, Paper Girls season 2 could amplify what’s already been established in a dynamic TV show. The four heroes represent toughness, determination, heart and an ability to adapt to scary situations despite the overwhelming sense of failure looming on the horizon.

The comic books established a phenomenal story, and the TV show amplified it with stunning visual effects and an amazing cast worth rooting for in every sense, equally matching Vaughan and Chiang’s brilliance. Paper Girls season 2 is an opportunity to further dive into those comic book pages, while allowing a different medium to veer left, right or through time itself to enhance the attachment associated with these characters.

Should Paper Girls season 2 happen? The real question should be: When is Paper Girls season 2 going to happen? If the series is truly being shopped, whatever streaming service picks it up, it’s almost guaranteed viewers will sign-up just to watch more from this series.

What were your thoughts on season 1? Would you sign up to a different streaming service to watch Paper Girls season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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