Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Are Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller still together?

Bachelor in Paradise‘s Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller prove that love will always work so long as both parties are willing to put in the effort required.

This adorable pair overcame many trials and tribulations, some of which threatened the strength of their relationship. (The stressful love triangle between Johnny, Victoria, and Alex is the first to come to mind.)

In addition to fighting off roadblocks, the couple found ways to express their love for each other in ways that can only be understood by one another. Whether it’s choosing each other during rose ceremonies or simply hanging out on the beach, Johnny and Victoria seem to be a match made in heaven. But did their unshakable bond last until the end? Find out below.

Did Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller break up on Bachelor in Paradise?

We may have to start planning for a wedding because Johnny and Victoria do make it to the end of Bachelor in Paradise not just as a couple, but as an engaged couple!

Johnny and Victoria clearly didn’t want to leave paradise without letting each other know the extent of their love, which makes this pair one of the only two couples to leave season 8 engaged. However, what we see on television doesn’t always translate too well when the contestants return home.

Are Johnny and Victoria still engaged? Or did they buckle under the weight of an engagement?

Are Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller still together?

Okay, maybe we should put a pin in wedding planning after all.

Although we don’t want to make too many assumptions, based on neither party following the other on Instagram (at the time of writing), we believe Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller aren’t an item any longer. What’s more, neither has posted the other on their socials, which only adds to our suspicions that things may have gotten rocky for the pair once they left paradise.

It’s possible that the two don’t think too much about follows or posts on Instagram, hence why they seem to be strangers on the social media platform. But we’ll have to wait to find out the complete truth behind Johnny and Victoria’s current relationship status.

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