Is a new episode of 911 on tonight? (November 21)

Mondays are supposed to be all about the 118 and the crazy calls they get. What’s going on tonight? Is 911 new tonight, Monday, Nov. 21?

Mondays are our favorite night. We get new calls for the 118 to deal with, and there is always something crazy going on. In the previous episode, it was all about fantasies gone wrong.

There is some bad news for tonight, though. We won’t get to check in with a new set of calls for the 118. 911 Season 6 is taking a night off, and it’s not all that clear why. It’s highly likely that this is linked to scheduling to make sure the fall finale airs at the right time of December, as usually the fall finale has a Christmas theme of some sort.

There is at least a rerun of the series tonight. You can also catch up on the series via Hulu.

When will 911 return with new episodes?

The show will return next Monday, Nov. 28. There is some bad news with this though. It is the fall finale, which is a little earlier than we expected based on previous releases. We usually get a Christmas-themed episode in December.

Tthe show is on a break, and it’s another long one. We’re used to this type of break, though. That’s why 911 Lone Star is held for the midseason. We’re just not going to get the 126 on Mondays. We’ll have to wait for Tuesdays for the Texas-based show.

When will the 118 return from its winter hiatus? There isn’t a confirmed date yet, but we are looking at March 2023 to match the way the show has come back in the past. This gives the series time to film the second half of the season.

911 airs Mondays on FOX. Catch up on Hulu.