Who won Dancing with the Stars season 31? (DWTS season 31 finale scores)

Dancing with the Stars season 31, Disney+
Dancing with the Stars season 31, Disney+ /

What a fun season of Dancing with the Stars this has been! DWTS season 31 was packed with emotional performances, impactful stories, so much growth, and a very talented cast of celebrity dancers. Each week, eliminations became more and more heartbreaking. But we are extremely proud of the winner. Is it who you were rooting for from the start? Do you know who won Dancing with the Stars season 31?

If you missed the DWTS season 31 finale, go stream the episode now on Disney+ before reading ahead as we spoil all the eliminations and the season 31 winner.

Shangela and Gleb DWTS season 31 finale score: 36 + 40

Shangela and Gleb kicked off the night with a very fun performance. The duo received 9’s across the board for their first dance. As for dance number two? No words…this was an incredible performance. It was a moment. Best dance of the season by far!

Wayne and Witney DWTS season 31 finale score: 36 + 40

The first performance from Wayne and Witney also received 9’s across the board, even though they received mixed feedback. But it was all 40’s for their second dance.

Charli and Mark DWTS season 31 finale score: 40 + 40

All 10’s for Charli and Mark’s first performance, but are we even surprised? Charli has been killing it from the start. As for their second dance? Another 40, of course!

Gabby and Val DWTS season 31 finale score: 40 + 40

Last, but certainly not least, Gabby and Val shined bright with a perfect performance. For their second dance, Gabby and Val turned up the heat! And it paid off, it was another perfect score for the duo.

Who won Dancing with the Stars season 31?

And the season 31 winner, is…drumroll, please…

  • Fourth place: Shangela and Gleb
  • Third place: Wayne and Witney
  • Second place: Gabby and Val
  • First place Charli and Mark

Already missing the dancing competition show? You’ll be happy to know that Dancing with the Stars will return for season 32 on Disney+ next year. Sadly, it will do so without Len Goodman as he announced this would be his final season.

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