Is LEGO Masters season 3 on tonight? (November 23)

With it being Thanksgiving week and all, audiences are wanting to be sure their favorite shows will still be airing as planned. After all, it wouldn’t be odd for a series to skip a week. One of the most popular shows on Wednesday nights, is FOX’s LEGO MastersIs LEGO Masters new tonight? Here’s what we know about LEGO Masters season 3 episode 9 (and how to watch).

The LEGO building competition is getting more and more challenging as we near the end of the third season. Which team are you rooting for? The next new episode of LEGO Masters is titled “Wrecking Balls to the Wall,” and just from the title, we can expect an action-packed episode. But it gets even better.

Yes, LEGO Masters season 3 is new tonight, Nov. 23, AND tomorrow, Nov. 24

Exciting news, LEGO fans! There’s not only a new episode of LEGO Masters airing on the FOX network tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 23. But it’s back-to-back episode nights as another new episode will air tomorrow, Nov. 24. So enjoy the show while preparing Thanksgiving dinner and while enjoying it the next day. Check it out:

  • LEGO Masters season 3 episode 9 airs at 9 p.m. ET tonight, Nov. 23
  • LEGO Masters season 3 episode 10 airs at 9 p.m. ET tomorrow, Nov. 24

This means that, after this week, we have the big finale to look forward to. Now, I’m not excited for it to be over, but I sure do want to know who this season’s winners are! Love competition shows as much as we do? FOX will be featuring back-to-back episode nights for The Masked Singer as well! To watch both shows, you’ll need the FOX network, either with cable or via the streaming platform you have replaced cable with, such as fuboTV.

Who knows? Maybe watching LEGO Masters with the family will inspire a friendly LEGO building competition! Happy Thanksgiving!