Is The Bold and the Beautiful on today? (Nov. 25, 2022)

It’s Friday! Turkey Day is behind us. We could decide to shop until we drop or stay home and eat our way through the delicious leftovers from Thanksgiving. Or both. The options are plentiful if you’ve managed to score the day off. Of course, this also means there’s an opportunity to tuck in for some soaps if they’re available for viewing.

On The Bold and the Beautiful, we’ve been cordially invited to Taylor and Ridge’s wedding. It’s been long in the making as Tridge fans have been waiting years to see the two tie the knot again. Unfortunately, however, there’s a wrinkle in their plans that we’re dying to see Ridge react to considering the gravity of the situation.

See, he left Brooke because he believes she called CPS on his son but what he doesn’t know is that Thomas called the authorities on himself. The risky play had its attended effect. His dad left his wife, a woman who despises Thomas and doesn’t think too highly of Steffy either, and has gone back to Taylor.

The problem is, though Ridge swears that he’s marrying his best friend because he loves her, we all know this supposed betrayal was the catalyst for how this played out. Now we all want to know how the truth will affect his relationships with both women.

Will we be getting back to our soap today? Here’s what we know!

Is The Bold and the Beautiful on today?

No, the show is still on hiatus. Yesterday it was preempted for an NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions. Today, it’s College Football that’s taking the spotlight. Starting at 12 p.m. ET, Utah State will be playing against Boise State at Albertsons Stadium. The game is scheduled to end at 3:30 p.m. in time for Arkansas and Missouri’s clash which will run until 7 p.m.

The Bold and the Beautiful will return with a new episode on Monday, Nov. 28. Check your local CBS listing for the airtime.

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