Strictly spoilers and results: Who is leaving on Strictly Come Dancing Week 10?

The bright lights of Blackpool and the grand dancefloor of the Tower Ballroom are now in the rear view mirror as the remaining contestants on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing returned to Elstree to compete in the series’ tenth live show.

This was an unexpectedly shorter outing, as Tyler and Dianne’s elimination paired with Kym and Graziano’s bye through to next week, meant that we were two couples down this week. And as a result, there are less automatically safe spots available in next week’s Quarter Final.

It should come as no surprise to learn that we were in for a competitive show, with Molly and Carlos finally binging the Tango out of hibernation, Hamza and Jowita tackling the Argentine Tango, and Will and Nancy livening things up with a Charleston.

Here are the Strictly spoilers, results, and scores from the Week 10 Saturday night show.

*** This article contains spoilers from Strictly Week 10’s Saturday Night show. If you have not watched this week’s episode and would prefer the dances or scores weren’t spoiled for you, don’t read on! ***

Strictly spoilers and results: Week 10 Leaderboard

Tonight’s episode of Strictly certainly felt shorter (and not just because Kym and Graziano weren’t competing). With Blackpool behind the series, all attention turns to the finals, and Week 10 was an intense one – one that resulted in a somewhat divisive response from fans.

While Will Mellor and Nancy Xu’s entertaining Charleston ended up topping the leaderboard, it was Molly Rainford and Carlos Gu who actually delivered the strongest technical performance of the night (and yet they were marked three marks lower). Elsewhere, Hamza & Jowita’s routine split the judges, as did Helen & Gorka’s.

Here are the results from the Strictly Week 10 Saturday night show, the scores, and the Leaderboard we were left with:

  • Will and Nancy danced the Charleston – 9, 10, 10, 9 = 38
  • Hamza & Jowita danced the Argentine Tango – 8, 10, 10, 9 = 37
  • Molly and Carlos danced the Tango – 8, 9, 9, 9 = 35
  • Fleur & Vito danced the Rumba – 8, 9, 9, 9 = 35
  • Helen & Gorka danced the Samba – 5, 8, 8, 8 = 29
  • Ellie T & Johannes danced the Jive – 5, 7, 6, 7 = 25

Who is in danger on Strictly Week 10?

This may be the most interesting week on Strictly Come Dancing thus far in terms of the Leaderboard. With two less couples this week, there are less points between the contestants at the top and the contestants at the bottom, meaning that the public vote will carry even more importance.

Ellie Taylor has proven to be incredibly popular with the public, but with less couples in the competition than there should be this week, she may be more vulnerable – especially since she’s at the bottom of the Leaderboard. Also near the bottom are Helen and Gorka, but something tells me that the public will ensure that the duo don’t find themselves in the Dance-Off.

Dance-Off survivors Molly and Fleur are both tied on 35 points. When this happens, the public vote always breaks the tie and favors one over the other, and even though Molly has found herself in more Dance-Offs, don’t be surprised if the public voices their opinion by saving her after her brilliant but undermarked Tango.

Right now, we could see Ellie battling one of Fleur or Molly. But when the public vote comes into play, anything can happen on Strictly.

Update, Sunday November 27: Our prediction was correct as Ellie and Johannes danced off against Fleur and Vito. The judges unanimously saved Fleur and Vito, resulting in Ellie and Johannes’ exit from the competition.

It goes without saying that these two have been the personification of sunshine, and we’ll miss seeing them light up the Strictly dancefloor every Saturday night.

Relive Ellie and Johannes’ light-hearted Jive:

Strictly Come Dancing‘s Sunday night results show airs at the earlier time of 6:00 p.m. GMT on BBC One.