FBOY Island cancelled: Is the show being shopped elsewhere?

FBOY Island on HBO Max. Photograph by HBO Max
FBOY Island on HBO Max. Photograph by HBO Max /

Unfortunately, HBO Max has decided to cancel FBOY Island after two seasons.

The reality TV show gained attention for its unique idea of having contestants try to single out the players in a pool of nice guys. What’s more, the series introduced the world to many lovely stars, some of which have gone on to become prolific individuals in the world of social media. However, though many seemed to enjoy the ins and outs of FBOY Island, this wasn’t enough for the streaming service to keep this title’s lights on, making this series yet another one to bite the dust — for now, at least.

As always, one site’s trash is another site’s treasure, meaning it may not be over for FBOY Island just yet. Which streaming service will save the reality TV series? Here’s what we know so far.

Will FBOY Island return?

According to Deadline, STX, the company behind FBOY Island, is currently looking for another streaming service to pick up its reality TV show from HBO Max’s cancellation rubble. So far, the site has yet to find any luck, as the cancellation is still relatively fresh. Even so, STX continues shopping for the service that will give the series another chance.

Will Netflix save FBOY Island?

Since Netflix has its own line-up of unscripted reality TV series, such as Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and The Circle, the chances of this site picking up this series are slim to none. But only time will tell if Netflix ever does decide to do things a little differently.

Will Hulu save FBOY Island?

HBO and Hulu’s partnership is strong, so it’s hard to imagine that Hulu will step in to save the day after seeing how the show performed for HBO. Nevertheless, anything is possible.

Which streaming service will save FBOY Island?

Truthfully, we don’t expect the streaming giants to acquire the canceled show in the future. With this in mind, we think FBOY Island will work best on sites like Zeus Network. After all, this site is home to similar series, such as Baddies SouthBad Boys: Los Angeles, and Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love, so it’s safe to say the series will fit right in.

Ultimately, the ball is in Zeus Network’s (or any other site’s) court, though.

Hopefully, things will start looking up for STX’s FBOY Island soon. Stay tuned to learn more.

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