When is Puppy Bowl XIX in 2023?

Puppy Bowl returns for another year in 2023 with more adorable shelter puppies to watch. When is Puppy Bowl XIX going to air this year?

Who doesn’t love watching puppies run around playing with each other and a bunch of toys? Animal Planet has a great offering when it comes to Puppy Bowl, and we even get a Kitten Half-Time Show.

This year, Puppy Bowl takes place on Sunday, Feb. 12. Yes, it is the same day as the Super Bowl, but don’t worry; you don’t need to choose between the two of them. This animal-loving game is played during the day as you’re getting ready for the sporting event of the season. Unlike the Super Bowl, this is something you want to watch the game of rather than wait around for the commercials!

Puppy Bowl 2023 pre-game show and more

The XIX pre-game show will start at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Animal Planet and discovery+. Yes, like the Super Bowl, everyone gets to watch this at the same time instead of waiting for the time zone to catch up.

The game itself will start at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT. Again, you can watch on Animal Planet or via discovery+.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are hosting the game once more, and both of them will have their teams: Ruff and Fluff. Which team will you support? Dan Schachner is back at the referee.

In the pre-game show, there’s a chance to meet some of the four-legged pups playing. There are DNA tests done on each of the pups to see which one will have a genetic leg up on the field. This is also a great way to find the right home for these shelter pups. They are all up for adoption, and this event each year is a great chance to support the shelters and raise awareness about them.

Not all pups are even four-legged. One of the great things about Puppy Bowl is disabled dogs get a chance to play, too.

Puppy Bowl XIX is sponsored by Arm & Hammer Slide, Pedigree, Bissell, Subaru of America, Wayfair, Nexgard, Temptations, and Wisdom Panel pet DNA test.

Puppy Bowl XIX takes place on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT on Animal Planet and discovery+.