What is Eddie Murphy’s next movie?

You People. (L to R) Eddie Murphy as Akbar and Jonah Hill (Writer-Producer) as Ezra in You People. Cr. Parrish Lewis/Netflix © 2023.
You People. (L to R) Eddie Murphy as Akbar and Jonah Hill (Writer-Producer) as Ezra in You People. Cr. Parrish Lewis/Netflix © 2023. /

Eddie Murphy was the guest of honor at last Tuesday’s Golden Globes, where the seasoned film and television actor took to the stage to receive the Cecil B. Demille award, bestowed only once a year to an actor, director, or producer by the Hollywood Foreign Press for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.”

With such an impressive history in show business, it is to be expected that Eddie Murphy has far more waiting in the horizon as well. We’re here to discuss one of those future films, the upcoming 2023 rom-com You People.

What is Eddie Murphy’s next movie?

You People is Netflix’s latest rom-com picture coming out this month, receiving a week-long run of showings in theaters on Jan. 20, before becoming available in the streaming platform on Jan. 27.

The movie is directed by Kenya Barries, creator of such television shows as Black-ish and Grow-ish, who co-wrote the film with one of its main stars, Jonah Hill. The story centers around Hill’s character, Ezra Cohen, and his relationship with Lauren London’s character Amira Mohammed. Finding love in an unexpected way, matters get complicated when, wishing to marry, Cohen’s and Mohommed’s families must now meet.

This will not be Kenya Barries’s first time working with Eddie Murphy. Most recently, the two collaborated in the creation of Coming 2 America, the 2021 sequel to one of Murphy’s most famous films of the 80’s, Coming to America. The film starred Murphy, returning to the role of Prince Akeem as he revisits America in search of his long-lost son. Barries was one of the main screenwriters for the film, alongside Barry W. Blaustein, and David Sheffield.

In You People, Murphy plays the role of Akbar Mohammed, Amira’s father. Reserved and apprehensive to the idea of Ezra and Amira’s marriage, the strict and wary father is a more serious and restrained role than is typical for Murphy, and is sure to be a frequent obstacle for the couple as they seek to mend the gap between their families.

You People comes to theaters Jan. 20, and becomes available on Netflix the following week on Jan. 27.

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