7 shows to watch (and 3 to skip) in 2023

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Alaska Daily


Alaska Daily is one of the shows to watch in 2023

There are some shows in 2023 that you need to start watching right now. While those are shows to watch, there are also some to just skip.

There are some shows from 2022 you may have been tempted to skip over. Don’t make them shows to skip in 2023. They are meaningful, well-written, and just down-right entertaining.

Of course, there are some shows that you will want to skip over. We’re covering three that just aren’t worth watching anymore for a variety of reasons. Some have overstayed their welcome, and others just promote a little too much toxicity on TV.

Shows to watch: Alaska Daily

One of the shows that you need to watch right now is Alaska Daily. The good news is you have some time to catch up on episodes you’ve missed. The series will return in February 2023 with new episodes.

This series follows Hilary Swank’s Eileen Fitzgerald as she moves from New York to Alaska for a story. She’s seeking both personal and professional redemption, but she’s about to gain much more.

The story? It starts with one murdered Indigenous girl that has turned into a cold case. There are many more like her, and this series certainly brings awareness to a very real problem.

Shows to watch: Wednesday

If you love The Addams Family, you need to turn to Netflix for Wednesday. Okay, the series did come out in 2022. There probably won’t be any new episodes in 2023, but it’s going to be worth the binge-watch.

You may have put off the show until you found out it was renewed. Good news, the renewal came in at the start of January. Now you have no excuse.

The story follows a teenage Wednesday who is trying to gain control of her psychic abilities while also figuring out a murder from the past. Did her dad really kill a man? Just how many secrets does her family have?

Shows to skip: Sister Wives

It’s time for this TLC series to come to an end. It all started with one man and four women. We got to see their polyamorous relationship grow, bringing new children into the fold and figuring out a way to live together.

Then in November 2021, one of the wives left. That’s followed with two others leaving. And then there are the children who decided to cut off contact with their father.

Look, polyamory works for some. Everyone has to be in it for the same reasons, and that’s not the case here. Can we get a spin-off of the three wives who walked away instead?

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