Is the Gossip Girl reboot canceled? (Will there be a season 3?)

Gossip Girl season 2 is set to wrap on Thursday, Jan. 26. This season has been a rollercoaster of storylines that haven’t all quite meshed but they’ve certainly entertained the reboot/revival’s audience.

Fan desire for Monet to claim power and reign with an adorned iron fist was answered in spectacular fashion. Aki, Audrey, and Max launched into an exploration of their three person relationship with predictable fits and starts. And Georgina caused chaos like she’s wont to do.

But has the season been enough for the show to be given a third season by HBO Max? Here’s what we know!

Is Gossip Girl canceled?

Unfortunately, for fans of the series, it’s been canceled. Deadline reports the streamer opted not to order a season 3 which means the scheduled season 2 finale will now serve as a series finale…potentially.

Is Gossip Girl being moved to another streamer?

Showrunner Joshua Safran took to Twitter to discuss the news of the show’s cancellation as well as to thank everyone involved in its production. He also answered the question every fan of a canceled show wants to hear. Is the series being shopped? Apparently, it is!

However, as the above tweet mentions, the current TV climate means that they’re search for a new home could prove unfruitful. Networks and streamers alike are becoming more and more concerned with the viability of their line-ups. HBO Max has been cancelling series and shelving projects as they shift their business model. And other streamers may not want to risk taking on a canceled series while they, too, have their own rosters to consider.

We’ll keep you posted on whether or not Gossip Girl gets picked up and will indeed have a third season elsewhere.

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