Is a new episode of Ghosts on tonight? (January 19)

We all love to watch our favorite resident ghosts get up to antics. What’s going on with the schedule this week? Is Ghosts Season 2 new?

Thursday nights have become all about Ghosts. CBS agrees as we already know that a third season is going to happen. We also know that there will be full 22 episodes this season.

Of course, the biggest question right now is whether there’s going to be a new episode tonight or not. There is some bad news. Ghosts Season 2 won’t air a new episode tonight, Thursday, Jan. 19.

There is going to be a rerun instead. We’ll head back to the second episode of the season, which saw Sam invite a podcaster to talk about Alberta. Everyone is still trying to figure out who murdered her and why.

When will Ghosts Season 2 return with new episodes?

How long will we need to wait for new episodes of the series? There is a little bit of bad news. There isn’t a new episode next Thursday, either. The show is taking two weeks off, and it’s not all that clear why. All Thursday night shows on CBS are taking some time off from new episodes.

It could be linked to February sweeps. This is a time of year the Neilsen ratings are considered important to help with the renewal of shows. While the comedy has already been renewed, the ratings will also help with scheduling for the 2023–2024 season.

The new episode will air on Thursday, Feb. 2. We’ll see Sam and Jay’s assistant get a feeling that the house is haunted, and that leads to him buying some ghost-hunting equipment. Well, he’s really not wrong, but what is the equipment actually going to do? Will it pick up on Alberta’s ability to hum to the living as Alexa did?

Ghosts Season 2 returns on Thursday, Feb. 2. Catch up on the series on Paramount+.