The Last Of Us and 5 other shows to stream this weekend (Jan. 20-22)

The Last of Us on HBO
The Last of Us on HBO /

Happy weekend, Hidden Remoters! Friday has arrived, which means it’s time to catch up on shows on streaming. There’s something for everybody this weekend, whether you are into adult animated series or enjoy the post-apocalyptic genre. We’re listing shows to stream this weekend , including The Last Of Usso you don’t miss out.

Like it or not, the world of TV entertainment has been taken over by streaming. At Hidden Remote, we love it. Simply put, it means there’s always something to watch. At the same time, it’s easy to miss a new series or two, with so much going on. But we’re here to help!

Shows to stream this weekend, Jan. 20-22

  • That ’90s Show, Netflix
  • The Legend of Vox Machina season 2, Prime Video
  • Truth Be Told season 3, Apple TV+
  • The Last Of Us episode 2, HBO (HBO Max)

That ’90s Show premiered on Netflix on Thursday, Jan. 19. All episodes of the first season are now available. While the trailer didn’t catch my attention, I may give it a chance and watch it. Were you a fan of the original series, That ’70s Show?

Over at Prime Video the second season of Voc Machina dropped the first three episodes on Friday, Jan. 20. Each Friday, three more episodes will premiere over the next four weeks.

Apple TV+ has a lot going on. For starters, Truth Be Told is back with its third season, and Octavia Spencer is joined by Gabrielle Union along with others. Only one episode is streaming, one will be released weekly on Fridays. Servant season 4 episode 2 is also now streaming on Apple TV+, this is the final season so you know it’s going to be good! One episode will be released each Friday.

Finally, saving the best for last, we have The Last Of Us on HBO, but streaming on HBO Max at the same time. My friend, if you’re not watching The Last Of Us, you are missing out! It’s one of the best shows in recent years.

Shows to stream this weekend you may have missed

  • Koala Man season 1, Hulu
  • Velma episodes 1-4, HBO Max

Koala Man premiered on Hulu on Jan. 9, the complete first season is streaming.

Did you catch the series premiere for Velma? There are now four episodes available to stream as HBO Max is releasing two new episodes each week.

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