13 TV shows that have overstayed their welcome

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NCIS season 19 finale

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NCIS is one of the 13 TV shows that have overstayed their welcome

It’s 2023, and there are some TV shows that have overstayed their welcome. They need to look at wrapping up to make way for new blood.

I don’t like saying TV shows need to be canceled. That means a lot of jobs are taken away, and I don’t want to see jobs gone in a world that is so uncertain. At the same time, some TV shows that are still on the air are preventing new shows from coming in.

There are certain shows that are dragging at this point. They offer nothing new and exciting, with storylines that are predictable from the start. There are others that offer us no new entertainment and make way for narcissistic and abusive personalities.

There are certainly a few shows that need to end in 2023. Here are 13 of them.

TV shows that have overstayed their welcome: NCIS

We start with one of the biggest on CBS. NCIS used to be the top drama on broadcast networks. Then it moved to Mondays and Gibbs left. The show just hasn’t been the same since. Ducky is the only OG member of the team, and even he isn’t around that much—while McGee was in the first season, he wasn’t there from the very beginning and wasn’t a series regular at the start.

It’s time to bring this series to an end. That’s probably not going to happen looking at the ratings, though. It still performs well, and is performing better than spin-offs Los Angeles and Hawaii.

The problem with this show is that it isn’t all that unpredictable anymore. You can usually call who the murderer is from the first interview.

TV shows that have overstayed their welcome: Grey’s Anatomy

Into its 19th season, Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running medical dramas. It is time for it to come to an end, though.

There was always the statement that when Ellen Pompeo left, the show would end. Well, Meredith Grey is leaving in the winter premiere and won’t be back until the finale. Pompeo is stepping back from this show for other roles. Does the series need to live up to its word?

It doesn’t help that after Meredith leaves, there are only two OG characters left. One of them isn’t the most likable at times, and the storylines themselves don’t capture the heart the original series did. It’s time to say goodbye.

TV shows that have overstayed their welcome: 90 Day Fiance

The whole franchise needs to go. As much as I love watching people find love and combine cultures, that’s not what 90 Day Fiance is about anymore. Yes, it used to be!

Now, we’re just filled with people who want to be famous. Every season has at least one person who is so unlikable we want their relationships to end. Sometimes that would be better to keep the other person in the relationship safe. Just look at Angela and Michael from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7!

TLC needs to stop giving abusive people airtime. Either get back to what this series was all about or bring the franchise to an end already.

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