The Last of Us episode 2 ending explained: How did SPOILER die?

The Last of Us premiering January 15 on HBO
The Last of Us premiering January 15 on HBO /

The Last of Us episode 2 features another heartbreaking death. But this was not like other deaths we have seen in the HBO post-apocalyptic drama. How did SPOILER die and what was up with those final moments? Let’s break down that heartbreaking scene!

Spoiler alert! Please note there are major spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on the series. If you missed The Last of Us episode 2, go stream it on HBO Max before reading on. 

Joel and Tess are now aware that Ellie was bitten. However, they’re puzzled about why Ellie does not appear infected. On the contrary, her bite seems to be healing. Unsurprisingly, Joel is skeptical, but they carry on, keeping a close eye on Ellie for signs.

The Last of Us episode 2 spoilers: Can the infected see or hear?

In this episode, titled “Infected,” viewers learn that the infected can’t see, they can only hear. So why is it that one of the infected appeared to look right at Tess? Before this moment, both Tess and Ellie are bitten in a scuffle with two infected. In a matter of hours, Ellie’s bite starts to heal, while Tess’ bite gets worse. It doesn’t help that Tess was bitten by the shoulder, so the fungus is able to move more rapidly.

How does Tess die in The Last of Us episode 2?

Now, not only can the infected hear, they are also able to feel other infected from miles away. This is why a large herd of infected rushed to Tess, Joel, and Ellie’s location, they could feel the fungus taking over Tess.

A more “advanced” infected sensed Tess and walked straight towards her. It didn’t attack her because she’s already infected. Instead, it spread Tess further to make the process faster. Tess was finally able to light the lighter and cause an explosion to take out all of the infected to keep them from going after Ellie and Joel.

We’ll miss you, Ellie! You left us too soon.

The Last of Us episode 3 premieres on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, Jan. 29.

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