11 TV deaths that hit the hardest in 2022

House of the Dragon Episode 7
House of the Dragon Episode 7 /
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The Boys – Episode 303 – “Barbary Coast” Courtesy Prime Video
The Boys – Episode 303 – “Barbary Coast” Courtesy Prime Video /

Counting down the 11 most heartbreaking TV deaths in 2022

2022 saw some heartbreaking TV deaths. Some were shocking and some were somewhat expected. Here are the 11 deaths that hit the most.

Every year, TV characters die. Some hit us harder than others. They hit hard for all sorts of reasons. We can see how the deaths were avoidable, or it’s the sacrifice the characters made leading to the deaths. Then there are those that hit hard because of all the potential for the character.

We’re looking back at 2022 to see all those TV deaths that hit hard. There are certainly some you’ll expect, but if you haven’t watched some of the shows or you’re not caught up, there are some spoilers!

11. Tanya in The White Lotus

The second season of The White Lotus brought us a couple of characters we’d previously met back in the first season. Tanya and Greg were those characters, and it was immediately clear that things were not all good in paradise.

After Greg left, Tanya realized that something felt off. She found herself trapped on a yacht with men who wanted to kill her, and that led to her finding the gun and shooting everyone. She was just about to survive when she fell over the yacht trying to get out of it. She ended up hitting her head and dying in the water.

Considering the fight she put up to stay alive, it was heartbreaking to see things end that way for her.

10. Black Noir in The Boys

It’s hard to feel sorry for any of the Supes. When it comes to Black Noir, he’s always been the one to follow orders. He was so desperate to be part of The Seven that he betrayed Soldier Boy. It’s no wonder he went into hiding when he realized Soldier Boy was back and more powerful and dangerous than ever.

In the end, it wasn’t even Soldier Boy who got his revenge. Homelander found out Black Noir was keeping secrets, leading to Homelander taking out his anger on his masked comrade. Seeing inside Black Noir’s head with all the cartoon characters and learning his backstory made his death all the more heartbreaking.