Teen Wolf: The Movie soundtrack: All the songs that play in the movie?

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Teen Wolf: The Movie is finally here! The film, which reunites fans with their favorite characters 15 years after the finale of the series, picks up with a story following the reawakened Nogitsune and a seemingly resurrected Allison Argent.

The two hour and twenty minute film is jam packed with emotion, action, and mystery as the Pack work together to get to the bottom of who released the Nogitsune and if that’s really the Allison they knew or an imposter meant to trick them.

Music is a big part of paranormal fantasies like the Teen Wolf universe. You can always anticipate a needle drop of some kind to convey the vibe of the scene. Whether that’s guitars electrifying a moment of youthful abandon and freedom or a slow love song meant to invoke the kind of heart melting feeling that launches a new ship.

While the soundtrack for this movie is on the lighter side, consisting of only six songs, we know what’s playing is still of interest. Especially because the film’s star, Tyler Posey, has his own music featured during the credits. Keep reading for the full track list.

Teen Wolf: The Movie soundtrack

All the songs that play in the film:

  • “The Kids Are Back” – Twisted Sister
  • “Wicked” – GRANT
  • “Victims of the Night” – Lee DeWyze
  • “And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop” – James Vincent McMorrow
  • “Hunt You Down” – Lexxi Saal
  • “Lemon” – Tyler Posey

Huge fans of the original series may recognize the James Vincent McMorrow song from the Teen Wolf premiere. It’s a nice Easter Egg and throwback to the start of Scott McCall’s life as a werewolf. Back then, he would have never guessed such supernatural beings exist let alone that he’d become one and earn the mantle of a true Alpha.

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