Infinity Pool age rating: Why is the horror-thriller rated R?

Infinity Pool
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Infinity Pool is now playing in theaters and it is leaving audiences shook and flabbergasted. If you and the family enjoy a good horror flick, this may seem like the perfect movie to watch. However, the Infinity Pool age rating is a very hard R. Why is the movie rated R? We have all the details for you, below!

The horror picture follows James (Alexander Skarsgård) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman), a couple on a lavish vacation at an island resort. Their good time is cut short when they leave the resort and find a culture of violence and horror beyond what they ever imagined.

My friends, this is not a movie you want to go see with the family, no matter how much you all love horror. It’s a strong R for a reason. In fact, Infinity Pool had to fight for the R rating, because it received an NC-17 label, at first.

The original unedited movie features a scene that shows “Skarsgard’s character ejaculating,” The New York Times reports. It’s the cut of this scene that finally allowed the movie an R rating.

Why is Infinity Pool rated R?

Infinity Pool is rated R for graphic violence, disturbing material, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use, and some language.

Will you be watching the movie in theaters this weekend or are you going to wait for the streaming release? At the time of this writing, so streaming release has been announced for the movie, it is a theatrical release. After it leaves theaters, fans will be able to rent or buy the movie on VOD. As for where to watch on streaming, we’re not sure, but NEON productions usually land on Hulu or Prime Video. We will be sure to update you as soon as we learn where the movie will be streaming.

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