Is there an Infinity Pool after-credits scene?

Infinity Pool
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Did you walk out of your Infinity Pool screening realizing you forgot to check for the post-credits scene? Or maybe you are planning to watch the movie this weekend and want to know if you should stay seated when the credits start rolling. Either way, here’s what we know about an Infinity Pool after-credits scene.

Infinity Pool is now playing in theaters and audiences are walking out of the movie with a lot to talk about, to say the least. The R feature is being called disturbing in a masterful way. What does this mean, exactly? You’ll have to go see this movie in theaters to find out!

The horror-thriller follows James (Alexander Skarsgård) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman), a couple on a lavish vacation at an island resort. Their good time is cut short when they leave the resort and find a culture of violence and horror beyond what they ever imagined.

 Is there an Infinity Pool after-credits scene?

So, are there even more horror after the credits roll? No, but we don’t blame you for being curious. After all, most movies have a post-credit scene these days, so you never know.

You may leave right after the movie ends to watch a romantic comedy to cleanse your eyes after Infinity Pool. Jokes aside, it’s always good to know ahead of time whether a movie has an after-credits scene or not. Many times, we learn a shocking twist in the credits scene that hints a sequel may be in the works.

Infinity Pool is now playing in theaters. This is a theatrical release so it is not streaming on any platform at this time. After it’s theatrical run, the movie will become available on VOD to rent or purchase. As for the streaming platform in lands on, it could be Hulu or Prime Video, where most NEON productions land.

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