Servant season 4 finale: When is the last episode of Servant on Apple TV+?

Servant season 4 on Apple TV+
Servant season 4 on Apple TV+ /

Earlier this month, Servant season 4 premiered on Apple TV+. Though the series has had its ups and downs, fans are still excited to see how the epic story will end. Not to mention, we have so many questions! Servant season 4 is the final season so we’ll likely get all of the answers we’ve been waiting for. When is the last episode of Servant season 4 on the Apple TV+ streaming platform?

If you missed the Servant season 4 premiere or have been too busy to catch up, you are right on time! As of Jan. 27, only three episodes are streaming, so you can watch all over the weekend and be ready for episode 4 next Friday, Feb. 3. There are 10 episodes in the final season, with one dropping each Friday.

When is the last episode of Servant season 4 on Apple TV+?

The final episode is set to premiere on Friday, March 17, so there still seven more weeks to go! Have you been watching each new episode as they arrive or are you saving them all for a long binge-watch? If it’s the latter, be careful not to bump into spoilers online!

Servant season 4 episode schedule

Episode 1 “Pigeon,” Jan. 13
Episode 2 “Itch,” Jan. 20
Episode 3 “Vessel,” Jan. 27
Episode 4 “Boo!,” Feb. 3
Episode 5 “Neighbors,” Feb. 10
Episode 6 “Zoo,” Feb. 17
Episode 7, Feb. 24
Episode 8, March 3
Episode 9, March 10
Episode 10, March 17

The Servant follows the Turner family after the tragic loss of their baby boy, Jericho. Dorothy Turner (Lauren Ambrose) can’t accept the loss and goes into a catatonic state. Desperate to bring her back, Dorothy’s husband, Sean Turner, agrees to purchase a life-like doll to help Dorothy cope.  It works, but Dorothy then decides to hire a live-in nanny to care for Jericho.

Things become even more complicated when the nanny, Leanne, returns from a walk with Jericho alive and well. But how can this be? Is this truly Jericho?

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