Shrinking show age rating: Why is it rated TV-MA?

Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in "Shrinking," premiering January 27, 2023 on Apple TV+.
Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in "Shrinking," premiering January 27, 2023 on Apple TV+. /

2023 already looks like the year of great TV as streaming service Apple TV+ releases Shrinking, created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel.

The comedy-drama stars Segel (Winning Time) as Jimmy Laird, Jessica Williams (Love Life) as Gaby, Luke Tennie (CSI: Vegas) as Sean, Michael Urie (Younger) as Brian, Lukita Maxwell (Generation) as Alice, Christa Miller (Scrubs) as Liz, and Harrison Ford as Dr. Paul Rhodes.

In the series, viewers will follow a therapist named Jimmy Laird who is dealing with severe grief after the loss of his wife, while having to raise a teenage daughter and helping his patients as well. As a therapist, he works in an office alongside other therapists including Gaby and Dr. Paul Rhodes, who both notice him beginning to step over ethical boundaries by telling his patients what he completely thinks which results in major changes in their lives as well as his.

Shrinking touches on some serious topics while remaining lighthearted and modern, which begs the question: Is this a show kids can watch? If you want to know the answer, read on to find out!

Why is Shrinking rated TV-MA?

Shrinking received a rating of TV-MA which means the show is specifically created to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17.

There are moments of some sexual references, violence and gore, multiple uses of profanity, and some crude humor. This means that it’s definitely a watch for those 17 and older but if you watch the show as a family, there may be some moments that the whole family can relate to.

With that being said, Shrinking has already received positive reactions to its release so it’s one to check out if you’re interested in mental health-related storytelling as well as seeing powerful and poignant performances from the cast. Want to see what to expect for yourself?

Watch the trailer for the show below:

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Shrinking premiered Jan. 27 on Apple TV+ with two episodes. Keep up to date with Hidden Remote for more Shrinking news and coverage.