What illness does Frank have in The Last of Us?

The Last of Us Episode 3
The Last of Us Episode 3 /

The Last of Us TV series brought us a major change to Frank and Bill’s storyline. Frank was ill, but what was his illness, and what did it mean for survival?

In the game, Bill and Frank were a hinted couple. However, things weren’t great between them and Frank’s suicide note mentioned his hatred for Bill. The TV show made a big change to their storyline.

Instead of going down this love-turned-sour storyline, the series brought us a story of two men who stood by each other for 20 years. We saw them fight for survival together, and then we saw what it would mean for them when one of them got sick.

Frank got sick, but not from the infection turning people into zombies. It was from a very real illness, and the storyline showed us that the reason for the apocalypse was only one part of survive afterward.

Frank had Parkinson’s disease in The Last of Us

It turns out that Frank developed Parkinson’s disease. There is no cure for it right now, and the TV series is set in 2023. The series opted not to have some miracle cure.

Parkinson’s disease affects a person’s ability to move around. People suffer from tremors, stiff muscles, and more. All these issues will lead to problems when it comes to survival. Could you imagine trying to deal with an oncoming hoard of zombies when you can’t shoot at them properly?

Frank knew that he would need to end his own life. He wanted to go out on his terms and not on the apocalypse’s terms. That led to a beautiful wedding ceremony and then Frank taking his own life. Bill surprisingly followed suit, showing us the love he had for Frank. He didn’t want to be alone in this world of survival.

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