Where to stream The Nevers (all 12 episodes) in 2023

The Nevers -- Photograph by Keith Bernstein/HBO
The Nevers -- Photograph by Keith Bernstein/HBO /

Warner Bros. Discovery (new merger equals new name), which owns HBO Max, has been making hard-hitting and questionable choices lately. It started with the merger, cancelling completed shows before they air, and pulling productions from the streamer out of nowhere. The unfortunate trend continues, but the good news is that some unseen episodes for shows like The Nevers won’t go unseen forever now.

The show, which debuted in April 2021, is set in Victorian era London. The epic science fiction centers around “a gang of Victorians,” who are mostly women, who suddenly have unusual abilities, per the synopsis. They have to deal with “relentless” enemies and a mission to change their world.

The science fiction drama, created by Joss Whedon, stars Laura Donnelly, Ann Skelly, Olivia Williams, James Norton, Tom Riley, Pip Torrens, Denis O’Hare, and more. The bad news is the show is no longer streaming on HBO Max. The good news is that you’ll be able to stream it somewhere else! Where is that? We’ve got the answer for you below!

Where to stream The Nevers (all 12 episodes) in 2023

TVLine reports that Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to sell the rights to a number of its shows like Westworld, Raised by Wolves, and you guessed it, The Nevers, to FAST services – aka free, ad-supported streaming television. So where does that leave the former HBO drama series?

The news outlet reports both Tubi and Roku will be the new homes for “hundreds” of Warner Bros. and Discovery content, including The Nevers. The news outlet shared that beginning Monday, Feb. 13, the show will be available to watch on Tubi. That’s going to kickoff with the first five episodes at 12:39 p.m. ET. They will be followed by episodes six through nine the next day on Feb. 14 starting at 1:28 p.m. ET. Finally, you’ll be able to see the last three episodes of the series starting Feb. 15 at 2:40 p.m. ET.

TVLine shares that if you’re not able to watch the episodes “live” at the times noted above, then you’ll have to wait for the installments to air again March 1 through March 3. That’s because Tubi is putting the series in “regular rotation.”

This isn’t the best solution, but for fans of The Nevers, this is still great news. As of Jan. 31, 2023, the show has been completely removed from HBO Max. So why is this good news? That’s because though the series had a 12-episode first season ordered, only six of them had the chance to air/stream on HBO and HBO Max. But once the drama begins streaming on Tubi and Roku, the final never-before-seen six episodes will be added. So fans of the series can finish it out and see how the season was supposed to end!

We knew this was coming with the company’s strong crackdown on thinning out certain content. The company is trying to be more cost-effective and that means sacrificing some of its content. Unfortunately that means some shows and movies will never see the light of day, while others are shopped around. At least for those of you who love The Nevers, you can be rest assured the full first season will be on your screens soon.

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