The Ark cast: Who stars in the new SYFY series?

SYFY has brought a new space-set series, The Ark. Who is in The Ark cast, and where have you seen them before? Here’s all you need to know.

The first episode of The Ark is now available. Set 100 years in the future, we pick up a story about planetary colonization. However, Ark One’s mission has gone a little wrong. An incident in space has led to the entire leadership team killed and life-saving support gone.

Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner do not disappoint when it comes to sci-fi. Now you’ll want to know who the cast members are in the series.

The Ark cast

Christie Burke, Richard Fleeshman, and Reece Ritchie play the three lieutenants, Sharon Garnet, James Brice, and Spencer Lane, who find themselves thrown into leadership positions. They are certainly determined to find a way to survive, but they all had different ideas to do it.

Shalini Peiris plays the doctor on the ship, Dr. Shajivni Kabir. She was one of the junior doctors for the mission, but those above her were killed in the accident. It’s up to her to take control of the medical bay.

Christina Wolfe takes on the role of Cat Brandice. It’s clear from the beginning that she’s not supposed to be on the ship but there’s a reason for it. How did she managed to get herself on board the ship?

Stacey Read and Ryan Adams play Alicia Nevins and Angus Medford, two of the younger characters on the ship who just want to help and do a good job. Will they get in the way?

Other members of The Ark cast include:

  • Pavle Jerinic as Felix Strickland
  • Tiana Upcheva as Eva Markovic
  • Lisa Brenner as Susan Ingram
  • Miles Barrow as Baylor Trent
  • Dominik Cicak as Harris Beckner
  • Christ Leask as Jasper Dades
  • Steven William Moore as William Mulcahy

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The Ark airs Wednesdays on SYFY. Catch up the following day on Hulu.