Is Yellowstone ending?: Everything we know about behind the scenes issues

Yellowstone. Image courtesy Paramount Network
Yellowstone. Image courtesy Paramount Network /

February’s only just begun, but we’ve already got potential cancellation news to deliver and this one is unexpected. Yellowstone, one of TV’s most popular series could be coming to an end earlier than anyone would have guessed.

The flagship show has spawned a few spin-offs, with one currently streaming on Paramount+–1923, but this may be the last year the modern Duttons, as we know them, will be gracing screens on the original series.

What happened? Why should Yellowstone fans be bracing for the flagship’s end? Here’s what we know!

Is Yellowstone ending?

Deadline reports the show could be ending due to scheduling conflicts. The outlet’s sources have identified the issue as disagreements with Kevin Costner’s shooting schedule. Deadline’s been told he originally agreed to 65 days of filming which then dropped to 50 days for the first half of Yellowstone season 5. But, for the second part (which premieres Summer 2023), Costner wanted to drop to shooting for a week.

The actor is pulling double duty as he’s starring in Yellowstone while also directing and starring in the multi-part western Horizon that he co-wrote with Jon Baird. Reportedly, the scheduling conflicts have caused frustration for showrunner Taylor Sheridan and the show’s other stars. And Paramount Network declined Costner’s most recent proposal for filming.

There’s no word on if season 5 will be Yellowstone‘s last, but a franchise extension potentially led by Matthew McConaughey is said to be in development. Stars from the flagship are expected to have roles on this new series. With little known about the show, we can’t say whether it’ll take place on the Dutton ranch or not, but we’ll keep you posted as news comes in.

EW has refuted claims that Yellowstone is ending.

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