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Harlem season 2 is here! The Prime Video comedy series debuted the first two episodes of the season on Friday, Feb. 3 to the excitement of fans.

The last time they’d been tagging along for Camille, Tye, Quinn, and Angie’s hilarious misadventures was back at the tail end of 2021 in December. Season 1 dropped all 10 episodes at once but that’s not the case for the second season. Viewers can anticipate weekly releases this go around!

What’s set to happen in season 2? Well, Camille’s working on cleaning up the mess she made in her career and her love life. She’s trying to piece everything back together, but we all know how that typically goes in the aftermath of blowing up the life you’d made for yourself. Tye’s focused on her future, Quinn’s on a journey of self-discovery, and Angie’s career is taking a promising turn (something that Camille wishes was the current state of her work).

Wondering how long you’ll have with these friends this season? Here’s what we know about season 2’s episode count and release schedule! For information on who’s starring in this season, click here.

How many episodes does Harlem season 2 have?

Season 2 has a total of eight episodes. As mentioned above, the first two episodes premiered on Friday, Feb. 3. Prime Video subscribers can anticipate two new episodes to release weekly on the streaming platform until the season 2 finale on Friday, Feb. 24. Keep reading for the full breakdown of episode release dates.

Harlem season 2 episode release schedule

  • Episode 1: Friday, Feb. 3
  • Episode 2: Feb. 3
  • Episode 3: Feb. 10
  • Episode 4: Feb. 10
  • Episode 5: Feb. 17
  • Episode 6: Feb. 17
  • Episode 7: Feb. 24
  • Episode 8: Feb. 24

Watch the trailer for the second season below:

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