A Million Little Things season 5 cast: Who’s in the final season?


A Million Little Things season 5 premieres Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 10:01 p.m. ET on ABC. This farewell season promises to bring both laughter and tears as audiences begin to bid this family of friends goodbye after nearly five years falling in love with them.

For one last time, you’ll be exploring the depths of their friendships, the love they have for one another and the people they’ve opened their hearts to, as well as delve into their sorrow as they deal with life’s challenges, roadblocks, and tragedies.

When viewers were introduced to A Million Little Things back in the fall of 2018, it was in the wake of Jon Dixon’s suicide. He’d left behind so many people who loved and adored him. And his death caused a breaking open of not only grief but also a reminder to seize every day for yourself and those you care about as if its your last time with them.

Season 5 opens with “The Last Dance,” a premiere that will see this family of friends gathering to celebrate the life of someone they love who died unexpectedly. Also, Katherine will be helping Maggie to register for baby gifts, and Rome is set to support his father as he goes through a tough transition.

Fans can anticipate a 13 episode final season that’ll likely run uninterrupted according to DJ Nash, the show’s creator. Who’s in season 5? Here’s what we know!

A Million Little Things season 5 cast

  • David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville
  • Romany Malco as Rome Howard
  • Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom
  • Christina Moses as Regina Howard
  • Grace Park as Katherine Kim
  • James Roday Rodriguez as Gary Mendez
  • Stephanie Szostak as Delilah Dixon
  • Tristan Byon as Theo Saville
  • Lizzy Greene as Sophie Dixon
  • Chance Hurstfield as Danny Dixon.

Watch the trailer for the final season below:

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