The Way Home episode count: How many episodes are in season 1?

The Way Home. Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Michael Larsen.
The Way Home. Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Michael Larsen. /

The Way Home has captured the Hallmark Channel audience with its heartwarming and heartbreaking story of a family trying to find their way back to one another after being driven apart by a tragedy.

When the series began, Alice was reeling from her parents’ divorce and a subsequent move to Port Haven, a small Canadian farm town, where the grandmother she’s never met lives. She and her mom, Kate, picked up their lives after receiving a letter from Del calling them home.

Of course, starting over again wasn’t what Alice wanted to be doing, but she couldn’t have expected to be given an opportunity to repair the relationship between her mother and her grandmother. Especially, not with the means by which she can do it which is a pond that allows her to travel back in time!

Living with one foot in the present and the other in the ’90s has been a thrilling ride as Alice has learned more and more about the Landrys’ past and how it’s informed their relationships now. How long do viewers have left with season 1? When is the finale? Here’s what we know!

The Way Home episode count

The Way Home will have a total of 10 episodes in its first season run. Episode 5, “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” premieres Sunday, Feb. 19 at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel. After the episode airs, we’ll have five more weeks with the show. The finale will air March 26 in an early time slot at 8 p.m. ET. Keep reading for the remaining episode release schedule:

  • Episode 5: “Don’t Dream It’s Over” – Sunday, Feb. 19
  • Episode 6 – Feb. 26
  • Episode 7 – March 5
  • Episode 8 – March 12
  • Episode 9 – March 19
  • Episode 10 – March 26

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