Gold Rush exclusive clip: Fred’s new 460 is up and running

Gold Rush -- Courtesy of Discovery
Gold Rush -- Courtesy of Discovery /

Fred has a new 460, but it’s been causing some trouble lately. In the new episode of Gold Rush, it’s about to be a cause for celebration, or is it?

The right tools are necessary to find success when it comes to mining for gold. Part of that is the right equipment for digging. There are different types of diggers, but only one is good enough for Fred’s needs at the moment.

He needs to get his 460 up and running. It’s been causing some problems recently, and it’s not a cheap machine to fix each time. So, it needs to get to work and prove its worth. That seems like it will happen in Gold Rush at the start of this exclusive clip.

Take a look at the clip and then we’ll break more of it down:

What’s going on with the 460 on Gold Rush?

As you can see, the 460 is back up and running. In the clip, Fred shares why it was so important to get this one working. If they want to walk away with a decent amount of gold, they need this machine. However, it may be worth scrapping it and investing in a new one if more things go wrong.

Something is going to go wrong. At the very end, the bucket breaks.

Uh oh! What does this mean for the team as they deal with other problems? Will it mean the 460 is done for? I guess this will depend on the exact problem. One thing’s for certain, gold mining isn’t easy work even with today’s tools and machinery. How much is a fix going to put Fred behind this season?

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Gold Rush airs Fridays on Discovery Channel and on discovery+, where you can catch up on the season.