Who won the Puppy Bowl 2023? (Full results)

PUPPY BOWL XVII. Image courtesy Animal Planet / Elias Weiss Friedman
PUPPY BOWL XVII. Image courtesy Animal Planet / Elias Weiss Friedman /

Puppy Bowl 2023 is over, and we saw Ruff and Fluff go all out for the 19th title. Who won, and who gained the MVP and Underdog awards?

More than 100 adorable and adoptable pups took to the field to play football. This is a great chance to show off the pups in need of a forever home, with a chance to highlight some of the shelters around the country.

Ruff and Fluff battled it out, taking the game to overtime for the first time in all 19 years of the game going so far. Who did win in the end? Who got the MVP and Underdog awards?

Puppy Bowl 2023 winner

At one point, it looked like Fluff was going to run away with the game. Then Ruff made a huge comeback, taking the game to overtime.

Ruff got a field goal during overtime, but it was Fluff that ended up winning. The final score was 87-83.

MVP and Underdog awards in Puppy Bowl XIX

There are two awards given out during the game, which are voted on by the people. The first is the Underdog Award. This is given to the pup who stands back and doesn’t necessarily play the game but wins the hearts of the people.

Moocow ended up going away with that award, and that’s not surprising considering he impersonated the ref at one point in the game.

The MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) award went to Joey. Joey, originally called Christmas, was born on Christmas Day 2021. He was born without his front legs, and learned to get around by jumping and walking on his hind legs. When he was taken in by his Rhode Island rescuers, they changed his name to Joey to match the way he hopped around like a baby kangaroo. He was the most adorable pup on the field!

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Puppy Bowl 2023 is still available to watch on discovery+ and HBO Max.