Is a new episode of The Winchesters on tonight? (Feb. 14, 2023)

The Winchesters brings us the epic untold love story of Mary Campbell and John Winchester. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a new episode of the series on Valentine’s Day?

What you thought you knew about the love story of Mary Campbell and John Winchester has completely changed in The Winchesters. We find out that John did know about monsters before Mary’s death, and we found out that he even knew his father was a Men of Letters despite claiming to Sam and Dean that Henry Winchester was a deadbeat dad.

Of course, there is time for this to all change. There is also time for us to find out that Dean is simply writing a story that never happened, or that it happened in some alternate universe in the world of Supernatural.

We just don’t get to see the next part of the story tonight. Despite it being the perfect night for a romantic episode, The Winchesters is taking a break from new episodes.

When will The Winchesters return with new episodes on The CW?

How long is this break going to be? It’s not a long one. We will get a new episode on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

The break is likely linked to the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day. The CW knows that its fans are on the younger end, and they’re more likely to go out for the night of love. This takes people away from the screens.

When The Winchesters does return, it’s at a new time. Well, sort of new time. It’s back to its original 8 p.m. ET/PT timeslot.

The new episode will see John busted and questioned by the police. It includes a grainy photo of Dean Winchester, but John has no idea who his son is at this point. All we know is John is in some serious trouble, and Mary will do what it takes to get him free.

The Winchesters returns on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 8/7c on The CW. Catch up on the series on The CW App.