Somebody I Used to Know soundtrack: All the songs that play in the Prime Video movie

Somebody I Used to Know
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There’s a new movie streaming on Prime Video you may have missed, the romantic-comedy Somebody I Used to KnowNow, I know what you may be thinking, the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye is part of the soundtrack, right? But did the iconic song make it to the Somebody I Used to Know soundtrack? Here are all the songs in the movie for you to add to your playlist.

It’s a tale as old as time, Ally (Alison Brie) is a workaholic who visits her hometown and reunites with Sean (Jay Ellis), an old flame. This makes Ally question if she’s happy with her life and where she would be at had she stayed with Sean. There were so many movies that premiered over Valentine’s week, but you don’t want to let this one pass you by. Now, on to the soundtrack!

Somebody I Used to Know soundtrack

So, the big question, is “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye part of the Somebody I Used to Know soundtrack? Sadly, no. And considered me shocked. What a missed opportunity! Fortunately, the Prime Video movie still has some great songs in its soundtrack that you’ll want to add to your playlist.

  • “Loner,” performed by Dehd
  • “It’s Not Easy,” performed by Ofege
  • “Deep Blue Sea,” performed by Art Lown
  • “Baby Baby Baby,” performed by Miranda and the Beat
  • “Do You Want A Rich Costey and John Hill Remix,” performed by William Onyeabor, The Vaccines, John Hill, and Rich Costey
  • “Lady Luck,” performed by Richard Swift
  • “No Woman,” performed by Whitney
  • “Chatty Chatty People,” performed by Alton Ellis
  • “Didn’t I,” performed by Darondo
  • “Maybe Lately,” performed by Miracle Fortress
  • “Return of the Mack,” performed by Mark Morrison
  • “I Might Need Security,” performed by Chance the Rapper and Jamie Foxx
  • “You’re So Punk Rock,” performed by Dirty Blush
  • “When They Fight, They Fight,” performed by Generationals
  • “Hold On,” performed by Alabama Shakes
  • “10 Day Miracle Challenge,” performed by Death Valley Girls
  • “Suga Suga (feat. Frankie J),” performed by Baby Bash
  • “My Stove’s On Fire,” performed by Robert Lester Folsom
  • “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright,” performed by Bob Dylan
  • “The Feeling is Right,” performed by George Jackson
  • “I’m Just Your Clown,” performed by The Power Attorney
  • “At The Hotel,” performed by Eunice Collins
  • “Better Days,” performed by Graham William Nash
  • “Love Like A Sunset, Part II,” performed by Phoenix
  • “Semi-Charmed Life,” performed by Third Eye Blind

Which of these songs will you be adding to your playlist? “Semi-Charmed Life” is a throwback! I’ll be adding this one to my playlist for sure, along with several others.

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