Cocaine Bear end credits: Does Cocaine Bear have a post-credits scene?

Cocaine Bear, Photo credit: Pat Redmond/Universal Pictures
Cocaine Bear, Photo credit: Pat Redmond/Universal Pictures /

A group of cops, criminals, tourists, and teens are all either on the hunt for cocaine that’s been accidentally dropped from the sky, on the run from the coked up black bear that ingested it and is now on a killing spree, or both! New comedy-thriller, Cocaine Bear, has now made its theatrical release.

The wild story is based on true events that happened in 1985, though those events have definitely been exaggerated and dramatized for the film. Which makes it such a fun watch! Talented actress Elizabeth Banks, who took control behind the camera for Pitch Perfect 2 and Charlie’s Angels, is back with another directing role this time around. And she does an awesome job!

As of Feb.  24, 2023, the film has just been released in cinemas only. But, you might already be wondering if there are any scenes to look out for after the credits. Read on to find out!

* Spoilers for Cocaine Bear below *

Does Cocaine Bear have a post-credits scene?

Not to be confusing, but the answer to this question is technically yes and technically no. There are actually two scenes that come after the movie officially ends. However, they don’t show up after the credits, as is the norm.

The first pops up after the screen goes to black and right before the credits start rolling. It shows that Stache (Aaron Holliday) makes it out with a stolen bag of cocaine. He hitches a ride to New York on a truck with sheep in the back. At first, he hides the bag with the animals, but then hilariously remembers what just happened with the black bear. So he grabs the drugs, sits in the front, and off he goes to whatever lies ahead.

The second scene comes mid-way through the credits, and shows us Eddie (Alden Ehrenreich) and his friend Daveed (O’Shea Jackson Jr.). Earlier in the movie, Detective Bob (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) dies and leaves behind his dog Rosette. Eddie ends up taking the pup, but she decides to snack on Daveed’s blown off fingers, which were shot off during the film. Though he gets over it pretty quickly.

So, the two additional scenes may not have have appeared right after the end credits, but it still kind of counts because you do have to sit through some of them to see what happened to these characters!

Will there be a Cocaine Bear sequel?

Sometimes end credits are added in for fun, other times they hint at a potential sequel. At this time, there’s no official word if a second movie is going to happen. But if it does well and the team sees more potential, perhaps we’ll get more in the comedy-thriller realm.

Cocaine Bear is now playing in theaters. We are still waiting on a streaming home and release date announcement, but it will most likely be on Peacock.

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