What is Wreck on Hulu about?

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Wreck on Hulu is a new multi-genre series that blends horror, comedy, and mystery. The series consists of six episodes, and it was first released in October 2022 in the UK, but will now be available to stream in North America on the popular streaming platform.

The show follows a 19-year old boy named Jamie, who lands a job on a cruise ship called The Sacramentum, but employment isn’t the reason he took the job. In Wreck on Hulu, Jamie is working to solve the mystery of his missing sister, who disappeared from the ship on its last tour.

Somewhat of a crew member imposter, Jamie must work together with other crew aboard as they sleuth to uncover what the ship’s true purpose is: a conspiracy which the show teases “runs as wide and deep as the ocean on which they’re trapped.” And with over 3,000 crew members on board, we’re excited to see how the mystery unfolds.

Wreck on Hulu stars Oscar Kennedy as Jamie Walsh, Jodie Tyack as Pippa Walsh, Thaddea Graham as Vivian Lim, and Jack Rowan as Danny Jones. For the best idea of what the show is like, we recommend you watch the trailer. It’s high energy, but also has several moments that involve people wearing cartoon bird masks holding knives so… it might not be for everyone.

Watch the trailer for Wreck on Hulu below

Some of the exterior shots for Wreck on Hulu were filmed on a ship, but most of the series was actually filmed in a factory turned soundstage in Northern Ireland, where the ship’s interior was recreated in a way that was much easier for filming. While there are popular horror-comedy stories on Hulu, most of the recent additions are features, so it’s exciting to have a series in this drama on the platform.

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Wreck was previously released in the UK last fall, but all 6 episodes will be available to stream on Hulu starting March 1, 2023.