How many Peter Pan movies are there? (where to watch)

Photo: Disney's Peter Pan.. Image Courtesy Walt Disney Studios
Photo: Disney's Peter Pan.. Image Courtesy Walt Disney Studios /

When you think of Disney films growing up, one that immediately comes to mind is Peter Pan! The  beloved 1953 animated movie is based on the J.M. Barrie play, which was introduced in 1904. But did you know, this production wasn’t actually the first adaptaion!

The very first is a movie of the same name that was produced by Paramount Pictures in 1924. Walt Disney himself saw the silent film, and that’s what inspired him to create the animation we all know and love today! Plus, a new live-action is headed our way on Disney+ soon!

Since then, there’s been quite a few sequels in the franchise. It can be hard to keep track of all of them. Not to worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve listed them all below!

How many Peter Pan movies are there?

As of March 2023, there are a total of nine official films in the Disney franchise. Those include Peter Pan of course, its direct sequel Peter Pan: Return to Never Land (which focuses on Wendy’s daughter, Jane), and a number of spin-offs centered around Tinker Bell. In April 2023, Disney’s live-action reimagining, Peter Pan & Wendy, will be released. We listed all of the movies below:

Main films – stream on Disney+

  • Peter Pan (1953)
  • Peter Pan: Return to Never Land (2002)

Spin-off films – stream on Disney+

The Tinker Bell series has a total of six films, and a half-hour television special, Pixie Hollow Games, that aired in 2011. All of the movies can be streamed on Disney+, except the special. Pixie Hollow Games is available for purchase on Prime Video. We listed them below:

  • Tinker Bell (2008)
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)
  • Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)
  • Pixie Hollow Games (2011, television special)
  • Tinker Bell and the Secret of Wings (2012)
  • Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (2014)
  • Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2015)

Live-action (Disney) – stream on Disney+ starting April 28, 2023

  • Peter Pan & Wendy (2023)

Other Peter Pan adaptations

All the productions listed above are a part of the Disney franchise. However, that doesn’t mean those are the only adaptions from the J.M. Barrie story! One popular movie is the 1991 adventure, Hook, which starred Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Julia Roberts.

Live-action (other)

And if all of this just isn’t enough Peter Pan for you, there’s also television series Disney Junior’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates, as well as ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Captain Hook, aka Killian Jones, played by the talented Colin O’Donoghue, is introduced at the start of the second season.

But it isn’t until season 2 episode 21, “And Straight On ’til Morning” that Neverland is really introduced. The first half of season 3 all takes place mainly in Neverland. Both television shows can be streamed on Disney+.

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