Is that really Sam Claflin singing in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Daisy Jones and The Six premieres March 3 on Prime Video
Daisy Jones and The Six premieres March 3 on Prime Video /

The teaser trailer for Daisy Jones and The Six is out! As such, prospective viewers and book fans alike have gotten the opportunity to hear the fictional band for the first time.

“Regret Me,” the song that plays in the trailer, is a standout moment in the story that unfolds in the book. But it’s received a significant tweak for the show that’s changed it from a foot stomping burner in the perspective of a scorned woman to a rollicking duet Daisy and Billy sing to each other.

While the jury is still out on how that’s going to play with fans of the book, it’s a change that’s delivered the show’s first single. Of course, that’s left folks wondering if the show’s two leads, Sam Claflin and Riley Keough, are singing the song themselves. Here’s what we know!

Is that Sam Claflin singing in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Yes, that’s Claflin singing though the musicality of the ’70s era didn’t come naturally to him. As he told Vanity Fair, he’d grown up with a metalhead for a father and was spotty on the sound the team behind Daisy Jones and The Six were looking for.

His audition song, “Your Song” by Elton John, missed the mark and when the music producer sang some of “Come Together” by The Beatles when asking if Claflin had heard it before, the actor responded that it was Michael Jackson’s song (having recognized the King of Pop’s cover not the original track).

Seeing how far he had to go in his musical journey, Claflin threw himself into learning everything he needed to in order to prepare for the role of Billy Dunne.

Is Sam Claflin really playing the guitar in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Yes, he is! There was no lack of dedication on Claflin’s part. As executive producer Lauren Levy Neustadter put it:

"During COVID he was in England with his kids, and he was homeschooling them during the day, and he would take care of them, and then he would put them to sleep and he would get on a Zoom to [learn how to] play the guitar. And he also really changed. He transformed his body to really be like a ’70s rock star. He would get on the Zoom and get on the guitar and he would work with his vocal coach. It was nonstop. He was really transforming into Billy…"

That kind of transformation was par for the course for each actor that’s a member of Daisy Jones and The Six in the show. They even played a concert to a crowd so they could get real-time feedback, experience that kind of electric energy, and get into character.

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