The Challenge: World Championship cast: Who’s in the new season?

The Challenge World Championship, streaming on Paramount + in 2023.
The Challenge World Championship, streaming on Paramount + in 2023. /

The Challenge: World Championship is taking some of your favorite Challenge contestants from the United States and Australia to give you a hair-raising competition that is sure to blow your mind!

At long last, we’ll finally get to see which of these amazing competitors surpasses the rest, all to be crowned the best of the best. But of course, the only way to find out who is the strongest is to first hand-pick the most agile, hungry competitors from these countries. These individuals have either been crowned winners of their seasons or are simply forces to be reckoned with, so there’s no doubt in our minds that the cast will entertain you from start to finish.

Here’s everything to know about who will star in The Challenge: World Championship as well as the countries each of them represents.

The Challenge: World Championship cast

First and foremost, The Challenge wouldn’t be The Challenge without our beloved hosts! United States’ host T. J. Lavin will be joined by Brihony Dawson, our amazing present who will be repping Australia.

You can bet there are way more familiar faces where that came from! Without further ado, here’s your cast of the first installment of The Challenge: World Championship:

  • Amber Borzotra
  • Ben Driebergen
  • Danny McCray
  • Darrell Taylor
  • Emily Seebohm
  • Grant Crapp
  • Jodi Weatherton
  • Johnny “Bananas” DeVenanzio
  • Jonna Stephens
  • Jordan Wiseley
  • Justine Ndiba
  • Kaycee Clark
  • KellyAnne Judd
  • Kiki Morris
  • Nelson Thomas
  • Nia Moore
  • Sarah Lacina
  • Theo Campbell
  • Tori Deal
  • Troy Cullen
  • Wes Bergmann
  • Yes Duffy

We hope you’re as excited as we are! If so, meet the official cast of the brand-new series below!

As per Entertainment Weekly, the second installment of The Challenge: World Championship will include contestants from Argentina and the United Kingdom. The cast of this installment is not yet known. However, according to the media outlet, we will learn more about the cast after the finale of the first season.

Undoubtedly, World Championship will keep us on the edge of our seats, so don’t forget to head to Paramount+ to stream every second! And stay tuned with Hidden Remote for more updates!

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