What time is Farmer Wants a Wife on FOX tonight? (March 8, 2023)

If you’re all about reality TV, particularly dating shows, welcome to the club! Here at Hidden Remote, we can’t get enough reality TV. And the more drama, the better. A new reality dating show, Farmer Wants a Wife, premieres tonight (March 8)! Don’t want to miss it? We have all the details you need to know.

Farmer Wants a Wife sees four men (yes, all four are farmers in some way) searching for a wife. Jennifer Nettles is hosting the show. Here’s a little more about each hard-working men…

Who are the farmers on Farmer Wants a Wife?

  • Ryan Black, a ranch-owner from North Carolina
  • Hunter Grayson, a cattle and horse rancher from Georgia
  • Allen Foster, a ranch-owner in Tennessee
  • Landon Heaton, a cattle rancher and farmer in Oklahoma

As for the women who are ready to live a farm life, there are 32 of them!  From North Carolina News, here are eight of them:

  • Brittany, a blogger from California
  • Haley, a recruiter from New York
  • Lily, a psychology student from Florida
  • McKenzie, an interior designer from Phoenix
  • Porschia, an accounting assistant from Texas
  • Sara, a bartender from Texas
  • Sarah, a communications major for a global charity from New York
  • Shartaysia, a therapist from California

What time is Farmer Wants a Wife on FOX tonight?

Watch the season premiere of Farmer Wants a Wife on FOX tonight (March 8) at 9:01 p.m. ET, right after a new episode of The Masked Singer. The episode, titled “Welcome To The Farms,” will run for approximately one hour, wrapping at 10 p.m. ET.

How does Farmer Wants a Wife work?

Each farmer will be dating eight women in the series premiere and select five of the eight to take back to the farm with him. The hope is for one of the five to bond and grow closer to the farmer over the course of the next several days.