School Spirits parents guide: Is the Paramount+ series okay for kids?

School Spirits has made its land on Paramount+ with its first three episodes. Viewers can anticipate an eight episode season for the series that’ll run through to April 13. The teen paranormal drama follows Maddie Nears, a high school student who was murdered on school property but has no memory of what happened to her.

With the help of friends, both alive and dead, she’s set to look into her untimely death to solve the mystery of why she was killed and who did the deed. It’s a premise that’s sure to intrigue users of the platform looking for a new thrilling show to tune into especially teens. However, there are different degrees of teen-focused content, for instance Euphoria and Darby and the Dead aren’t in the same realm of storytelling in terms of what’s appropriate for younger teens and what older teens can handle.

As such, if you’re on the younger end of the teen spectrum or are a parent concerned about School Spirits‘ content considering not all dramas focused on teens are meant for those under 18, here’s what we know about it’s age rating.

School Spirits parents guide and age rating

According to Paramount+, the series is rated TV-MA. This is largely due to language. The characters tend to curse which does include f-bombs. Each episode notates what it’s rated for. The S, stands for sexuality. In the case of the show so far, this has included non-frontal nudity as a means of humorous distraction and an extended kissing scene which wasn’t graphic.

If profanity isn’t an issue for you as a teen or as a parent then your viewing experience of School Spirits should be fine. But we do have to state that because this series focuses heavily on ghosts and a murder mystery, it deals strongly with grief and the crimes enacted against the characters who have died. The show does have levity and isn’t morose by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re looking for something light or closer to a TV-PG rating, that’s not this series.

Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more School Spirits news and coverage! New episodes of the series release Thursdays on Paramount+. The season finale will be available to stream on April 13.