Where can you stream Elvis starring Austin Butler?

Austin Butler in 2022 film Elvis, in theaters June 24, Warner Brothers
Austin Butler in 2022 film Elvis, in theaters June 24, Warner Brothers /

One of the biggest movies of 2022 was Elvis, telling the famous story of the one and only rock and roll musician. Austin Butler completely transformed for the titular role that made him a household name overnight, and now that it’s award season, the film is getting all the recognition it would hope. If you’re tuning into the Golden Globes tonight and still have a long list of movies and shows to watch, you’re not alone! There’s so much to keep up with. Haven’t watched Elvis yet? Don’t worry, it’s streaming.

Elvis stars Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Richard Roxburgh, Helen Thomson, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and other talented actors. The movie was both a critical and box-office success when it hit theaters in June 2022, and people across the globe are all still talking about it.

We loved covering Elvis here at Hidden Remote, and we named it one of our favorite movies of the year! If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s where you can stream the film.

Is Elvis on Netflix?

If you’re hoping to find Warner Bros. acclaimed drama about the life of Elvis Presley starring Austin Butler in the lead role, you’ll be disappointed to know the film is not streaming on Netflix. While Netflix is home to many amazing movies, it was unable to secure the streaming rights to the 2022 hit movie.

Where to stream Elvis starring Austin Butler (2023)

Subscribed to HBO Max? Great! That’s where Elvis is currently streaming. HBO Max is home to all of the biggest Warner Bros. films, which is why the movie is available to stream on the Warner Bros. Discovery-backed streaming service.

You can also stream the movie via Hulu with their HBO Max add-on if you’re subscribed to Hulu but not HBO Max.

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