Are Roy and Keeley still together in Ted Lasso season 3?

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The Ted Lasso season 2 finale left us with many questions and the fate of some characters up in the air — mainly, Roy and Keeley’s relationship status. Roy and Keeley seemed to be a perfect match and they quickly became relationship goals! But by the end of season 2, we weren’t quite sure where they stand. Are Roy and Keeley still together in Ted Lasso season 3?

Spoiler alert! If you missed the Ted Lasso season 3 premiere, please note that there are spoilers ahead. Go stream the episode on Apple TV+ before reading ahead.

In the season 2 finale, Roy planned a trip for him and Keeley. It was such a romantic gesture, especially coming from Roy Kent. Sadly, Keeley turns down the trip because of an incredible career opportunity. And Roy is not one to hold Keeley or any woman behind! He is incredibly supportive. Hurt, sure, but want Keeley to be happy. But they are going to be apart for so long, so many things can change. And boy did they!

Are Roy and Keeley still together in Ted Lasso season 3?

Roy is still a coach for Richmond, and doing amazing. As for Keeley, she is killing it with her very own PR firm. They both seem happy, so they must be together, right? Sadly, no. Towards the end of the episode, Roy and Keeley sit down with Roy’s niece, Phoebe, to tell her they are no longer together. Keeley tells Phoebe that she and Roy are “on a break,” but Roy blurts out that they have broken up. Keeley reassures Phoebe that they will still be friends.

Phoebe isn’t too upset about it, telling Roy and Keeley that she knows these things are not forever, which is sad. In the car, though, after dinner with Keeley, Phoebe tells Roy that he is being stupid for giving up on his relationship with Keeley. We agree, Phoebe, we agree.

Ted Lasso season 3 episode 2 premieres on Wednesday, March 22.

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