Where was Daisy Jones and The Six filmed?: Is it really in Los Angeles?

Daisy Jones and The Six features more than one locale that needed to be represented properly from Los Angeles to New York to Greece, production had to convincingly bring the show’s audiences on a ride with this series whose characters travel from one end of America to the other and even leave the country at one point.

We all know Hollywood loves creating magic, dropping viewers into stories where it appears they’re in the city the show or movie is set in when really they’re on a studio lot or in another city entirely. A ton of work goes into providing the audience with the feel of the setting even if they actually haven’t been transported to the place the series is telling they’re in.

Was that the case of this Prime Video original? Was Daisy Jones and The Six filmed in all the locations the characters travel to or is it TV magic? Keep reading for details.

Where was Daisy Jones and The Six filmed?

For the most part was filmed on location. While that’s clearly not Pittsburgh in the premiere, the Los Angeles setting is accurate. In an interview with Condé Nast Traveler, production designer Jessica Kender revealed which locations were onsite, which had to be built, and what city they used to approximate another. Here’s the list of filming locations:

Los Angeles

  • Studio City – Filmed onsite but they also rebuilt Studio City within the actual setting because it’s still a working studio and musicians were recording.
  • The Troubadour – Onsite
  • Whiskey a Go Go – Onsite
  • Filthy MacNasty’s – Actually The Viper Room
  • Continental Hyatt House, dubbed the “Riot House” – Onsite. It’s now called the Andaz Hotel.
  • Chateau Marmont – Built. Shot at the Courtney Villas.
  • 101 Coffee Shop (Where Daisy works) – Onsite
  • Beachwood Market – Onsite
  • The Apple Pan – Onsite
  • Pool party where Daisy pushes Wyatt – Sowden House
  • Teddy Price’s home – Shot in a house in Baldwin Hills, not in Laurel Canyon
  • Billy and Camila’s home – Shot in a house in Los Feliz, not in Laurel Canyon
  • Leo Carrillo State Beach – For Daisy and Billy’s beach scene. Also used for when Karen and Graham go surfing.
  • Mulholland Drive – Onsite
  • Sunset Strip – Onsite
  • Aurora album shoot – Blayney Ranch

Hydra, Greece – Onsite

New York

  • New York exteriors – Shot in New Orleans
  • New York interiors – Shot in Greece
  • Saturday Night Live set – The Civic Theatre in New Orleans
  • Better Days Club – Shot at a club in downtown New Orleans

Tour stops

  • The hotel in Chicago – Actually The Roosevelt hotel in New Orleans. They shot in the lobby and then built sets for the suites.
  • Albuquerque tour stop – Saenger Theatre in New Orleans
  • Houston tour stop – Mahalia Jackson Theater in New Orleans
  • Soldier Field – Tad Gormley Stadium in New Orleans
  • All the arenas – Southeastern Louisiana University Center
  • The Staircase in Pittsburgh – Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles
  • The show The Six are playing when Camila goes into labor – The El Rey Theater in Los Angeles

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