Survivor 44 episode 3 offers 2 bait and switches for the price of 1

Survivor 44 episode 3 runs the gambit of things one might see in an entire season – let alone a single episode. From players recovering from a blindside, orchestrating fake idols, strategizing before tribal council, planning road trips after the season, and catching and eating fish, Survivor 44 has a bunch of fun and crafty players.

Who participated in the bait and switch in Survivor 44 episode 3?

Matthew from the Ratu (orange) tribe and Danny from the Soka (green) tribe successfully pull off a bait and switch. Danny found a hidden immunity idol in the birdcage last week, but it also came with a fake. He planted the fake one and Matt was the one to find it. As of right now, it has released some of the pressure since he and Frannie were automatically getting votes, but now having what people assume is a real idol is enough to sway people from turning on them (so far).

In the Ratu tribe, Brandon used an idol in episode 1, but a new one was put back into play. Matthew found this hidden idol and created a fake one on his own. His alliance partner Jaime found the idol when they were both at the water well and they bonded over this discovery. Although it is a good moment for their Survivor relationship, Matthew will use Jaime’s “idol” as a distraction later in the game if he needs someone else to target.

Speaking of bait, Jaime was out there eating worms. She rinsed them off with water and swallowed them whole. The look on Lauren’s face when she said she’d eat one if Jaime did, and then Jaime ate one immediately – priceless. Jaime, Lauren, and Kane were shown eating worms, but Jaime was looking for worms by the water well, which caused her to find the fake idol. That is a full circle of Survivor life right there!


Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Soka tribe lands at their first tribal council of the season

The immunity challenge in Survivor 44 episode 3 did not look right for any competitor who popped their shoulder out of its socket in the first episode. Castaways had to jump into the water and flip large blocks through the waves towards tall poles with keys dangling at the top. After moving these blocks to reach two separate keys, players had to dig through the sand to crawl underneath. All of this, and Matthew still competed.

He shouted in pain about his shoulder as they dug in the sand, but they still found a way to come in first. The Tika (purple) tribe desperately needed a win or they would’ve dwindled to only three players. Fortunately, Carson and Yam Yam were able to finish the puzzle at the last stage of the challenge. Although Frannie and Matt were involved in the puzzle, which can put a target on players’ backs after losing, the fake idol helped them maneuver in this episode.

Claire was one option for being voted out, as her tribemates pointed out how she hadn’t competed in any immunity challenge this season. Despite Claire attempting to sway Frannie to vote for Matt – even though they’re a tight pair – Frannie pivots and suggests Josh. Although there isn’t any evidence seen in the first three episodes, Josh is described as shifty. Once Claire is told that Josh wants her out of the game, she also pivots towards wanting him out.

Did the fake idol protect Frannie and Matt in Survivor 44 episode 3?


Frannie Marin from SURVIVOR Season 44. — Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Would Frannie or Matt have been the target if everyone didn’t believe he had an idol? Yes – or at least most likely. Early in this episode, the other four players agreed on making it easy and eventually voting out one of them if they go to tribal council. Matt finds the fake idol and it immediately makes everyone else shift gears. Everyone’s gears then shift towards Claire.

Danny created this fake idol to protect his future game by directing heat on another player, but the duo became a power couple in the eyes of the others once they had their hands on the idol. It allowed them to take part in conversations about who would go home when they were the initial targets.

The fake advantage might continue to grant them good fortune moving forward. This is especially true if Danny ever confesses that he’s the creator of the fake idol. Players might then perceive him as conniving and players are always looking for a reason to vote anyone else out of the game. In essence, this one move could help and hurt Danny’s game moving forward – it’s just not clear what path lies ahead, but it wouldn’t be Survivor if you could predict it.

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