Gold Rush exclusive sneak peek: Can Christopher handle the pressure?

Gold Rush -- Courtesy of Discovery Channel
Gold Rush -- Courtesy of Discovery Channel /

Like a lot of business owners, Fred wants Christopher to eventually take over. Can he handle the pressure in the new Gold Rush episode?

When someone starts a business, they often want it to remain in the family. They want their children to take over, and that’s something Fred wants for Christopher. However, Fred isn’t just going to trust that Christopher can do it all.

In the new episode of Gold Rush, we’ll see Fred give Christopher a chance. A night crew is needed, and Christopher seems like the perfect person to run that crew. Just how well does it go? Our friends at Discovery gave us a great exclusive clip to share to get an idea.

Christopher struggles in the new episode of Gold Rush

It’s clear that Christopher may not be best suited for the role just yet. As he takes over as foreman in the exclusive clip, he spends a lot of the time complaining about the work conditions. He isn’t happy about not being able to see much. Well, it is night.

As much as the floodlights are great, they’re not perfect. Many members of Fred’s crew will already be used to working in these sorts of conditions. Christopher seems to have a lot to do to get used is, but Mother Nature isn’t going to change.

There will be times when a night crew is needed. Fred is still making up time for the problems with one of his diggers. He needs these night digs to play catch-up.

We also get to see what the other crew members think of Christopher’s leadership skills. This is sure to create tension throughout the episode.

Take a look at the Gold Rush clip below and get ready for tonight’s all-new episode:

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Gold Rush airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery and streams on discovery+.