When is Knock at the Cabin on Peacock?

Knock at the Cabin, image courtesy Universal Pictures/PhoByMo
Knock at the Cabin, image courtesy Universal Pictures/PhoByMo /

Knock at the Cabin is a Universal Pictures movie, which means its first streaming home is Peacock. When will the movie head to the platform?

You can still head to theaters to watch the latest M. Night Shyamalan horror Knock at the Cabin. It’s received mixed reviews, especially with how it’s changed some of the book storyline, but it is worth it for all you Shyamalan fans out there.

If you’re not interested in watching it at home, you’ll want to wait for it to come to a streaming platform. That platform is going to be Peacock, where all Universal Pictures movies go first. They then later head to Prime Video.

Knock at the Cabin release date on Peacock

Updated: March 17 – Knock at the Cabin will release on Peacock Friday, March 24.

The majority of theatrical releases are heading to Peacock 45 days later. There has been the odd exception, with Top Gun: Maverick being the biggest, usually due to the success in theaters. I don’t see Knock at the Cabin being held off.

The movie officially came out in theaters on Friday, Feb. 3. That would make Sunday, March 19 as the potential release date on Peacock. This is the earliest we’re likely to see it.

The full list of Peacock releases isn’t out at the time of writing this. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the list and update with the official release date as soon as we have it.

What about Prime Video? That hasn’t been as consistent. All we know is Peacock gets an exclusive window before the Amazon streaming platform gets to show the movie. Halloween Ends came to Prime Video in February after its fall 2022 release, but it took until January 2022 for Jurassic World Dominion to head to Prime Video after its summer 2022 release in theaters. This could be linked to when Peacock gets the movies first.

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Knock at the Cabin is likely coming to Peacock in March 2023.