Will there be a season 2 of Daisy Jones and The Six?

Watching Daisy Jones and The Six was a time we never wanted to come to an end. After all, it’s not every day that book fans get a chance to watch a TV show so faithful to the source material. It’s even rarer to receive a title that goes so far as to prompt people to want to read the source material to relive the thrill all over again.

Without a doubt, this Prime Video series was extremely well-made. So much so that fans are dying to receive yet another installment of the 2023 title. But has their luck run out? Or can we truly expect another season to head our way in the near future?

Here’s everything we know so far about Daisy Jones and The Six season 2!

Will Daisy Jones and The Six return for season 2?

Seeing that the Prime Video title was incredibly faithful to Taylor Jenkins Reid’s piece and made it a point to adapt every major moment of the novel, we’re, unfortunately, not expecting another season to happen since the main story has come to an end.

Even so, we can never say never!

According to Town and Country, Scott Neustadter, the creator of the limited series, shared that he’s more than willing to continue the story if it’s what the fans desire.

“There could be more story to tell if that was something people wanted,” Neustadter expressed. “But time will tell if there’s any interest in such a thing.”

The direction a sophomore season may go is unknown to us, as the first installment took the time to delve into every perspective of the band members. But, being the mastermind that he is, Scott Neustadter could come up with something exhilarating that will satisfy our wants and needs. Who knows? Maybe he’ll collaborate with Jenkins Reid to come up with the next steps! Only time will tell!

As we wait to hopefully learn about a second season of Daisy Jones and The Six, head to Amazon Prime Video to stream the title!