Is Dr. Glassman leaving The Good Doctor in Season 6?

Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Jeff Weddell Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media
Photo Credit: The Good Doctor/ABC, Jeff Weddell Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media /

The Good Doctor routinely has us worrying about Dr. Glassman. Is he going to leave the series? What’s going on with his health?

From the first season, we’ve worried about losing Dr. Glassman. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the first season finale, and he has been through a long and hard treatment since then. While he’s in remission, there is always the fear that the cancer would return.

That’s come up in the most recent episode. While treating a brain cancer patient, Shaun questioned why Jared only used eight sutures instead of 10, leading to a bleed. Well, it turns out that Jared wasn’t the one who did the sutures. Dr. Glassman did.

Is The Good Doctor losing Dr. Glassman?

Shaun’s expression was clear. He’s worried about his mentor and friend. Dr. Glassman made a mistake that someone of his experience shouldn’t make.

Hopefully, it is just a mistake. There is a chance that the stress of losing his home and the memories of his late daughter have just become too much for him. Maybe he just needs to take a short leave to deal with the mental overload.

However, there is also the chance that his cancer is back. That would be devastating.

It is possible that Jared lied about Glassman doing the sutures, but that lie would quickly be debunked. That suggests it was Glassman who made the mistake.

As of right now, The Good Doctor hasn’t announced that characters will be leaving. It’s worth noting that most initial contracts are for six years, and we’re into the sixth year now. This is when we do start to see actors leaving the show, although there have been a fair few exits over the years and there is talk of Hill Harper leaving the show for a career in politics. Would The Good Doctor want to lose Glassman as well?

We do have Jared back, but he isn’t a replacement for Glassman.

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